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Make space for an epic Emergence Creative Festival program

The Emergence Creative Festival, held in Margaret River from 9 to 11 June 2021, unveils an epic program centred on innovation and originality with a theme of making space for creativity.

Some of the world’s most innovative minds and acclaimed speakers will share their latest revelations, inspiring delegates to tap into new ideas and skills over the two-day, three-night ‘anti-conference’, Emergence Creative.

Delegates will be enthralled during rousing keynotes and thought-provoking panels discussions. The program also features workshops on communication, content creation, pitching, collaboration, design thinking, storytelling, photography, film and more, featuring entrepreneurs and industry leaders in marketing, music, production, photography, media, branding plus plenty of opportunities for networking.

Fusing creativite thinking and culture, the Emergence Creative program is designed for those in roles and industries that require idea generation, creative strategy development, innovation through collaboration and agile problem solving.

Brian Ritchie, Music Curator at MONA (Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart), organiser of MONA FOMA, and bass guitarist for post-punk band Violent Femmes, will be delivering a keynote about the Japanese concept of Ma, or negative space.

Ritchie says that Ma is the space between music, lines in drawings and objects.

“Ma is related to all aspects of life because we must create space and time between events in order to grow,” says Ritchie, who is also Chair of the Australian Art Orchestra Board of Directors.

Joining Ritchie is the immensely talented couple Grace Lam and Jason Capobianco who will share their creativity survival guide.

Hong Kong born Londoner Grace Lam was VOGUE China’s fashion style editor for 10 years, Estee Lauder’s Ambassador in 2018 and has worked with the biggest names and brands in fashion including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, F1’s Fernando Alonso, Dior, Calvin Klein, and many others.

Australian born portrait photographer Jason Capobianco, Lam’s husband, is most noted for his crafted cinematic style of storytelling and has photographed Cate Blanchett, Sophia Loren, Justin Bieber and a host of Asian superstars. Capobianco has also worked with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy directing and producing documentaries to raise awareness on reducing wildlife extinction in Australia.

Australian researcher for Human Rights Watch and award-winning journalist Sophie McNeill is known for her investigative stories in Asia and the Middle East aired on ABC’s Four Corners and Foreign Correspondent and SBS’s Dateline. McNeill will present a keynote based on her book, “We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know: Dispatches from an Age of Impunity”.

There are more than 25 creative thinkers presenting and leading workshops at Emergence Creative, with a mission to reinvigorate original thinking, complemented by the event’s social program, creating the space for ideas to flow.

Emergence Creative Founder and Manager Trade, Tourism, Innovation & Creative Industries at the South West Development Commission, Mat Lewis, says the program is designed to engage and inspire.

“Creativity isn’t exclusive, Emergence is here to support everyone from entrepreneurs, agency creatives, event designers, marketing and event humans, innovation departments, artists and business strategists,” Lewis says.

“We need space in order to tap into our individual creativity, to come up with ideas to boost a business or find a solution to a problem – space in our minds and space in our surrounds, which is why Margaret River is the perfect host destination – the raw energy of the ocean, the calming effects of the ancient forests and beautiful vast spaces constantly lure creatives to the region.

“Emergence Creative isn’t all about learning and work – any big thinker will tell you that play is just as important, and what better place to play than a beautiful wine region.”

Now in its seventh year, Emergence Creative is the festival for people in the know: an immersive anti-conference fusing culture with creative thinking, described as ‘the biggest shot in the arm you’ve ever had’.

Tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit


Fast Facts

  • Emergence Creative Festival, 9-11 June 2021
  • Located at Margaret River HEART, in Western Australia’s South West
  • 25 original thinkers presenting keynotes, panel discussions and workshops
  • More info, visit