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First solo exhibition brings HEART to life

Art enthusiasts are being encouraged to pop into Margaret River HEART to catch the textiles and assemblage exhibition titled ‘Look Around You’ by emerging local artist Linda Every.

It will be the last chance to see many of the pieces displayed in public after a highly successful opening week saw over 50% of the 35 pieces snapped up by private buyers.

Shire of Augusta Margaret River HEART General Manager Nicky Hansen said she was pleased that the first solo exhibition to be held in the centre since opening was so well received by the public.

“They are incredibly beautiful works and the kind of pieces that would just sit well in a range of settings,” she said.

“This exhibition has really made the centre come to life, and given it a sense of warmth and welcome.

“I can see people getting drawn over to the pieces when they come into the centre for shows or different activities.

“It been quite the talking point and we feel rather lucky to be able to get a collection of this calibre and popularity off the bat.”

Ms Every said she felt mostly relieved to see that people were taking such enjoyment from the exhibition seeing as it has been her labour of love for over 12 months now.

“You never know how your work is going to be received so I feel quite overwhelmed at the positive feedback I’ve received,” she said.

“People seems to be most taken by the colours of the textile pieces and which are all created by using natural ingredients in fabric dying process.

“I’m pleased people are enjoying the collection as it’s really just intended to be joyous and pretty and happy.

Ms Every’s assemblage art pieces have already sold out but she hopes community members will take time to see the pieces before the close of the exhibition later this month.

“The assemblage art is made by gathering items within an environment, and grouping them on a canvas to draw attention to otherwise unnoticed colours, patterns, and beauty.

“These pieces are intended to encourage people to see the amazing in the ordinary that is around them.”

Arts Margaret River Manager Andrew Frith said HEART Margaret River was an ideal showing location for artists.

“It’s such a phenomenal space for an exhibition with art works beautifully complementing the building, and the building beautifully showcasing the art,” he said.

“I really encourage members of the public to come in during centre opening hours to see the exhibition.

“The exhibition was curated by the Arts Margaret River Gallery Team, a group of passionate volunteers who do a wonderful job of assisting and mentoring the artists.

“It’s a community space and we want everyone to be able to enjoy free, affordable and accessible arts and culture.”

The exhibition space at Margaret River HEART is open to the public 10am-4pm Monday to Friday (in line with centre opening hours), and can be accessed during after hours event times.

Artists wishing to use the space to exhibit can email [email protected]

Artists wishing to request Arts Margaret Rivers support in booking and curating their exhibition can email [email protected]


New QR purchasing system

Thanks to a new smartphone QR purchasing application, community members are now also able to self-purchase any works installed as part of an Arts Margaret River curated exhibition.

“It completely streamlines the process, there’s no chance of the piece going through two points of sale,” he said.

“For buyers’ it means you can purchase at your leisure.

“There’s instantaneous pricing, no wait times for assistance, and no queues for payment.

“It’s changed the way we are doing business with the community for the better.”