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Western Australia’s State of Emergency and the Public Health State of Emergency came to an end at 12:01am Friday, 4 November 2022. There are no declarations in place relating to COVID-19 in Western Australia.

More information here.

At the Venue

  • Hand-sanitiser is available at the venue entry, bathrooms and various places throughout the building.
  • Masks are available for free upon request.
  • If you would like to socially distance from other guests, and if there are available seats to do so, please speak to a friendly Arts Margaret River staff member or volunteer who can assist you.

What we’re asking you to do

  • If you’re unwell and have experienced cold or flu symptoms, please play it safe and stay at home.
  • While masks are not mandatory, the HEART welcome visitors who wish to wear a mask for their comfort and safety.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue, and put the tissue in a bin.
  • Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds in our restrooms.

What we’re doing for you

  • The HEART continues to provide high detailed cleans, frequently with hospital-grade disinfectants including sanitization of high-touch items after each use.
  • We will continue to be guided by the WA Government’s health guidelines and will provide updates to this information.


We are all in this together.
We look forward to seeing you at the
Margaret River HEART soon!

Arts Margaret River has a policy whereby any child two years of age requires a ticket to attend a show or event. Children under two years of age do not require a ticket and can attend free of charge. However, they will be expected to sit on an adult’s lap as they will not be issued with a seat.

Touring companies may have varying policies related to this and different age stipulations may apply to individual events.  Please contact the venue to check prior to purchasing tickets.


You can find all current and upcoming events on the ‘What’s On’ page of our website or by visiting Arts Margaret River’s Website.

Arts Margaret River send out their newsletter ‘Artitude’ every few weeks with an overview of what’s on as well as early notifications of forthcoming events. You can sign up HERE!

In person & Over the phone

The Arts Margaret River Box Office  is open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Their friendly staff are happy to chat about upcoming events and help you find something you like!

You can also call the Arts Margaret River Box Office on 08 9780 5294 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday if you’d prefer to chat over the phone.

The following is a shorter overview of access and inclusion at the HEART. The full details can be found in the Accessibility section on each event listing.

Do you have suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns about access and inclusion at the Margaret River HEART? If the information below doesn’t tell you what you need to know, email us on [email protected] and our friendly staff will take it from there!


Prams and strollers

Unfortunately, we can’t allow prams/strollers in the Main and Studio Theatres. They can block accessways which could be very dangerous in a dimly lit theatre or in the event of an emergency evacuation. Please feel welcome to call the Arts Margaret River Box Office ahead of time on (08) 9780 5294 to check, or to discuss storage options for a pram/stroller during an event.

Aside from the Main and Studio Theatres, the rest of the venue is completely pram and stroller accessible, and families of all kinds are welcomed.


People from non-English speaking backgrounds

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources or online materials available in any languages except English right now. This may change in the future, as Margaret River is and always has been a very multicultural community. We greatly value the diversity of the locals and visitors in this town.


Physical access (Inside)


  • Most doors are easy to open, theatre doors will be open already or can be propped open on request.
  • All doorways are wide enough to get a wheelchair or pram through.


  • All counters and information are within reach of a person using a wheelchair or similar device.


  • Surfaces are even, spacious, and easy to navigate in a wheelchair or similar device.
  • There are tactile paving strips around the staircase leading from the Foyer to the Mezzanine level.


  • Unisex / Accessible toilets have tactile and Braille signage showing left or right-handed suitability, and all signs use standard symbols.
  • Baby changing facilities and Unisex / Accessible shower / changing facilities are available.
  • There is one Ambulant toilet in each public access bathroom.
  • All toilets are easy to navigate.

Stage Access:

  • The Main Theatre stage has a wheelchair lift to give access to anyone not able to use the stairs.

Theatre Access:

  • The Main Theatre has tiered seating with short stairs and the Mezzanine level has staircase and lift access.
  • Ground level flat seating in the Main Theatre has four wheelchair spaces, each with an optional companion seat.
  • Wheelchair spaces can be booked ahead of time by visiting our Box Office or calling (08) 9780 5294 Monday to Friday between 10am – 4pm.


Physical access (Outside)


  • We have seven clearly marked ACROD parking bays nearby. These are in the Recreation Centre parking lot, the parking lot between the HEART and Gloucester Park Oval, and the parking area between the Shire Offices and the Youth Precinct (skate park)


  • Paths from parking areas to all entries of the venue are continuous, maintained, wide, and clear of obstacles.
  • Paths to raised areas are all accessible by ramp.
  • The path from the Recreation Centre parking to the venue’s main entrance is about 150m long and is on a slight slope. The path from Gloucester Oval parking lot is shorter and flatter.
  • Outside stairs and paths connected to parking bays and roads have tactile strips along the edges.

Backstage Access:

  • The raised loading dock in the Recreation Centre parking lot is accessible by ramp, and the edge is marked with a yellow stripe. The ramp is 1.2m wide and is a little steep.
  • You can contact the HEART ahead of time to discuss the most practical way to enter the building on (08) 9780 5294 or at [email protected] Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm.


Visual impairments


  • Documents made by the Margaret River HEART are almost always in Arial font, all other fonts used are easy to read and Sans-Serif. Text is kept at a readable size.
  • Copies of HEART documents in large print (18-point font) can be made available upon request. Please be prepared to wait for us to make the conversion.
  • We try to avoid using upper case where possible, except in the Margaret River HEART acronym, as HEART stands for Hub of Entertainment, Arts, and Regional Tourism. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


  • Margaret River HEART official colours are high-contrast. Other colours used aim to optimise readability and give clear contrast.
  • All signs use universal symbols and readable text and toilets have Braille and tactile signage on the doors.

Guide Dogs and Assistance Animals:

  • Margaret River HEART is a Guide Dog friendly venue and welcomes any registered Assistance Animals into all areas.
  • Other than Assistance Animals any animal coming on site must have prior consent from the venue and must be expertly cared for.


Hearing impairments

  • The venue has 24 Augmented Hearing Devices to support people with hearing impairments during events.
  • These cannot be booked when purchasing tickets or right before an event, as they must be tested with the user beforehand. To book an Augmented Hearing Device, please email us ahead of time at [email protected].
  • When made aware of a person’s hearing impairment, all staff will speak clearly and naturally facing the person, and can communicate through writing if requested to.


Dementia & cognitive/processing impairments


  • There are some background noises and distractions we can’t always control. Background music played in the Foyer can be turned down on request, but other factors can be hard to change. Our team will try to accommodate requests.
  • Staff are patient and understanding and try to communicate simply and understandably.


  • We have lots of wayfinding signage around, including exit signs. All signs are non-glaring, have clear contrast, use universal symbols, and only show essential information.
  • Signs are placed high so they’re visible over a crowd, but not so high that they’re unreadable.


  • Tapware is intuitive, easy to use and has temperature marked with words and/or with red and blue.
  • Most taps have a handle attached to tap. To dispense water, lift handle away from tap then move it towards side of fixture with desired temperature label to change temperature. Push handle back to starting position to shut off water.


  • Lighting can vary depending on event, weather, and time of day. Many events involve sitting in dim/dark lighting.
  • Some performance lighting and special effects may be disorienting, please call us ahead of time on (08) 9780 5294 to check.
  • Carpet pattern in the Main Theatre, on the staircase in the Foyer, and on the Mezzanine level may be confusing or disorienting.

Wi-Fi connection is free of charge across the entire venue during events.

The venue aims to offer a comfortable climate in the venue space for all guests and performers.  From time to time, depending on the weather and the number of patrons utilising the centre, there may be fluctuations in temperature.  Blankets are available for use at the entry doors to the theatre.  Please let our team know if you experience any discomfort and we’ll endeavour to assist.

The use of photographic or video and/or audio recording equipment is prohibited in the Main and Studio Theatres at the discretion of the Promoter or event organiser.  Information regarding an events photographer and filming policy can be found on the ‘Event Info’ section on the event page, or on signage displayed around the venue.

The use of photographic or video and/or audio recording equipment is strictly prohibited during all cinema screenings.

Food and beverages from outside the HEART are not permitted on the premises.

The Bar and Kiosk inside the HEART Foyer will be open for service before and during most major performances, unless stated otherwise. Food and beverages purchased from the Bar and Kiosk are permitted in both the Main and Studio Theatres.

The HEART is a fully licensed venue, visitors are not permitted to bring their own alcohol into the precinct.

Doors open one hour prior to performances, unless stated otherwise. For event running times please check your ticket or go to the event page for more details.

Please allow enough time to get to the HEART, find parking and enter the venue. If you do arrive early, our Bar and Kiosk will be open for service before and during most major performances.

If you arrive late to a performance, you will be admitted at the first suitable break determined by the promoter or event organiser. Some events have a strict lock-out policy to ensure that seated patrons and performers are not disturbed. In this case the earliest admittance may be at interval.

To find out the duration of your event, please call the Arts Margaret River Box Office between the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday in the week prior to the event to receive the most accurate time, or check the times on the event’s listing on our What’s On page.

All items left at the venue remain here until claimed within a reasonable period of time. If you find something at the HEART that you think may be lost property, please inform a Arts Margaret River representative or  hand the item in at the Box Office.

If you have lost something please call 08 9780 5294 between the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

The HEART and Arts Margaret River does not accept liability for items which have been left or lost at the venue.

The closest ATM is located inside the River Hotel on Wallcliffe Road, which is just up the road on the opposite side from the HEART. You’ll find ATM’s for Bankwest, NAB, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac along the Bussell Highway close by.

The Box office, Bar and Kiosk accepts both cash and EFTPOS transaction payments.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay while visiting Margaret River, the region has accommodation options for every budget, and many just a few minutes from both the Margaret River HEART and the town itself!

Whether you’re after the perfect hotel, resort, caravan park, camping ground, backpackers, B&B, villa or farm stay, it is best to book in advance to avoid missing out during the holiday season.

A range of accommodation availability can be checked on Your Margaret River Region, alongside recommendations for the best restaurants and attractions in town.