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Exhibition Hall/Court 3


For bigger exhibitions, conferences, festivals or trade shows, the Exhibition Hall/Court 3 is the epitome of flexible design. Accommodating up to 715 delegates, this generous space effortlessly morphs a large sporting court into a large show arena – ideal for those in need of sufficient floor space to accommodate masses of people.

  • Large conference room or festival site, 715 delegates
  • Seamless transfer between connecting Foyer, Courtyard and Bar areas.
  • Vast floor space, sprung timber flooring
  • Loading dock access.
  • Access to fast Wi-Fi connection.


When considering simultaneous use of our spaces, it is important to ensure smooth and continuous transfers between venues. With ample floor area, towering ceilings and dual entrance and exit paths, the Exhibition Hall/Court 3 maximises flexibility and flow through the adjoining Foyer, Courtyard, and Bar areas.


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