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Twenty Twenty One – A Shayne Hadley exhibition

Next event Thursday 23 Sep at 10am

By Margaret River HEART

OFFICIAL EXHIBITION OPENING NIGHT – Twenty Twenty One by Shayne Hadley


About the exhibition:
Twenty Twenty One is our strange now. The positivism of a not too distant past has been replaced with Solastalgia and a growing awareness of our vulnerability within the Anthropocene.
While a biological pandemic curtails our freedoms, it also allows us the opportunity to examine personal and social histories. Things that have informed us but can also haunt us.
These works are an exploration of personal events, things and spaces that recollected as significant to my identity. As predetermined as we seek to be, chance is still a determining factor with in our lives. It is with in the humility of chance that I hope we find our fragility and compassion. The presence of absence.

About Shayne Hadley:
“My relationship with the arts started in the early 1980s. Influenced by traveling parents, the creativity and cultural awareness that existed in skateboarding early days, music with a DIY philosophy and a love of exploring landscapes . I was fortunate to grow up on the fringes of towns and cities, in the spaces where the built existed alongside the “Bush”. From northern Queensland’s tropical jungles to Western Australian swamps and costal dunes , I was blessed and informed by the freedoms of those times. Seeking to afford my children the same rites of passage, I shifted to the southwest in the late 1990s. After the twenty plus years of being here they to watch their spaces change, I can but fathom how those changes would be felt if one had a cultural relationship with the land longer than 250 odd years.
I am enriched & humbled by the human desire to create.