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Top Dog Film Festival

Next event Friday 1 Oct from 7pm to 9:30pm

By Margaret River HEART

Celebrate the canine connection through this carefully curated collection of heartwarming stories about dogs and their people at the 2021 Top Dog Film Festival.

Meet dogs from all walks of life on the big screen at the 2021 Top Dog Film Festival. From the talented dancing Poodles to the award winning New Zealand sheep dogs.  Join us on a journey to find the perfect guide dog in Canada and meet the New York dog walker winning over her pack.  Meet 4 legged heroes, unbreakable bonds and canine companions that enrich the lives of all those they encounter.  Experience heartfelt stories of people who dedicate their lives to improving the outcomes for man’s best friend and take a look at the lighter side of the pet-owner relationship.

The 2021 Top Dog Film Festival presents a 2-hour cinematic celebration honouring the bond between dogs and their people.  Filled with delightfully doggy moments of joy and celebration of our beloved canine companions.

This carefully curated program of short canine-themed films is comprised of the most inspirational, heart-warming and entertaining stories about dogs and their human companions, from independent filmmakers around the globe.

 Get your tickets before they all sell out – you’d be barking mad to miss it.


Film Descriptions

  • MAKINGS OF A GUIDE DOG: 30 minutes Canada

Lawrence Gunther is a conservationist, active outdoors person and professional angler.   With a lifestyle that is very active in the outdoors Lawrence needs a very special guide-dog that can both guide him and be his adventure buddy.  Join Lawrence on his search for the perfect guide dog partnership in his active life.

  • DOG’S GOT TALENT: 25 minutes Australia

What do dancing poodles in Sydney, a sheep dog from New Zealand and trick dog from Canada have in common?  They all have exceptional talents in their chosen field!  Meet these clever canines and be wowed by their skills!

  • KEEMA AND HER PACK: 10 minutes USA

Abuse, poverty, racism, and homophobia made it difficult for Keema to open her heart—until a chance encounter with a dog she’d initially feared changed the trajectory of her life, leading her to adopt rescue dogs and establish herself as a popular dog-walker in New York City, finding love along the way.

  • PATRICK AND GRACE: 5 minutes USA

Patrick is a young athlete who rescues an abused pit bull named Grace. Soon after, Patrick suffers a debilitating stroke during a weightlifting competition. This is the true story of a strong dog and strong man, both beaten down, building each other back up. I’ll never be the athlete I was, but Grace has changed my definition of strength. —Patrick Donovan

  • HAPPY HOUNDS: 10 minutes USA

Linda Domer facilitates Happy Hounds prison dog program at Roxbury Correctional Institution in Maryland. The program pairs inmates with shelter dogs in need of training.  With an average stay of 7 years to life the dog training program provides the inmates with a focus and sense of accomplishment while providing death row dogs with a second chance at a happy life.

  • INGERLATITSEQQIINEQ / Passing it on: 7 minutes Denmark

In the town of Sisimiut Greenland, Johanne one day decided to quit her 9-5 job to spend more time with her sled dogs. Today she’s one of the few female full-time hunters in Greenland, who lives from reindeer hunting and tourism. Johanne wish for her grandchildren to share her path, but times are changing.