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Rough Seas – A Russell Ord Exhibition

Next event Monday 23 Aug from 10am to 4pm

By Margaret River HEART & CinefestOZ

Rough Seas – A Russell Ord Exhibition

To dream and inspire people emotionally, I love the ocean’s connection with people of all walks of life. The most complex decisions I have made have been effortless when surrounded by saltwater; no doubt it’s that kind of place for many others, my form of freedom.

Why not named? I don’t need to document my images in the form of a word or description; they can translate many names or meanings and will change with time for each person. One day they may sense emotion, and the very next moment, a memory may surface, just like the sea, it has many moods, tranquility to turbulent, very much like life itself.


This event is a CinefestOZ event. Head to for more information and tickets.

"No two waves are the same, and I would love to keep it that way, right moment and place at a particular time, captured then printed one time only (1/1), exactly how nature intended."

Russell Ord