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Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour 2021 + Live Q&A

Next event Thursday 28 Oct from 7pm to 10pm

By Margaret River HEART

Born from a desire to showcase the strong, inspirational, adventurous women of the outdoor world, the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour presents a carefully curated selection of short films that will entertain, inspire and enlighten.

Featuring a unique selection of films of varying lengths and styles, covering topics relevant to women in the outdoors, the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour will connect with both the avid adventurer and the armchair adventurer alike.

The 2021 tour will take you around the globe by bike in an attempt for the speed record, longboarding in the French Alps, getting big air and grinding rails.

Dive into the world of Sri Lanka’s first competitive female surfer, push the limits with the uniquely French-Canadian sport of ice canoeing and join Australian Lucy Barnard on her walk around the world.

Ride the trailers with some rad US mountain bikers and run the muddiest known time in Tasmania with Kojonup local Milly Young. Plus, filmmaker Alex Clapin will be on the Margaret River HEART stage following the screening for a live Q&A about the making of the film.

These amazing stories of courage, grit, determination and outdoor inspiration are focused on bringing the female adventure experience under the spotlight.

With eight inspiring films in the line up, this year’s tour is full of adventure and trailblazing Gutsy Girls.

By celebrating the female adventurous spirit, we aim to make women in the outdoors more visible. Gutsy Girls screenings are not just for women – they are for all of us to celebrate diversity and inclusion and the rad ladies of the adventure world.



Film Information



2 minutes : Austria

In spring 2019, gigantic walls of snow piled up along the pass road to the Timmelsjoch, Austria. Johanna Bolanos Cabrera and Jasmijn Hanegraef grab their longboards and take the chance to downhill through this stunning scenery. Speed is what the girls are living for!


50 minutes : UK

Join Jenny Graham’s attempt to become not only the first woman to ride around the planet unsupported, but also the fastest. Not coming from a typical sporting or adventure background she wonders what an ordinary lass from the Highlands of Scotland can do. As a young mum, she came late to long-distance cycling. But a lifetime teaching others in outdoor environments prepared her well for the resilience, self-reliance and physical hardship that these challenges entail. Jenny shows the ordinary can become extraordinary.


5 minutes : USA

Mountain bike pros Corinne Prevot and Ella McAndrew enjoy summertime in Vermont as they zig-zag down flowy trails and leaf peep through the incredible forests of their home state.


22 minutes : Australia/Canada

There is a moment between having an idea and acting on it, when you choose to do something or you won’t… In a fleeting moment, Lucy Barnard decided to become the first woman to walk the length of the earth.  Starting in Ushuaia, Argentina she will be walking 30,000km over five years until she reaches Barrow, Alaska.  It’s a 30 000 km trek from the southernmost point of South America to the highest point of Alaska.

When she finishes it, she will be the first woman, and one of only a handful of people to have ever completed it.  This is the story of her journey so far…


17 minutes : France

Featuring 10 of the best female skiers and snowboarders Skivas introduces us to some rad riding women. The 100% female film proves that these ‘Ski/Divas’ are pushing the boundaries of freedom, creativity and sisterhood on and off the mountain. From street tricks to vertiginous steep slopes, these ten modern-day warriors are out to break boundaries and push their limits.


5 minutes : Australia

Muddiest Known Time is a short film showcasing young adventurer Milly Young running the full length of the Port Davey and South Coast Tracks in remote southwest Tasmania, Australia. The gruelling 100 mile (160 km) link-up, with 7,000 m of elevation gain, endless mud, obstacles, sleep deprivation and some crazy weather, pushes her to the limit both physically and mentally. Milly draws on her connection with the immensely beautiful surroundings to keep putting one foot in front of the other…


13 minutes : USA

Along the South Coast of Sri Lanka, surfing is everywhere. Yet only foreigners and local men fill the lineups. Surfing is not seen as a sport for girls. This is a result of cultural and societal expectations that place women inside the household, particularly in rural areas. Young girls are expected to follow certain standards: be kind, look nice, and smile. Attend school, get married, and start a family. Be a housewife, cook, and clean. Most importantly, stay at home and put family first.

But when Sanu turned 18, she began working in the kitchen at a surf camp alongside her brother, who worked as a surf instructor, and the trajectory of her life changed dramatically. This is a story of finding one’s voice in a sea of expectations.


12 minutes : Canada

It was just over 50 years ago, that the first women’s ice canoe team decided to join their male counterparts to cross the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River during the Carnival of Quebec’s traditional ice canoe race. It took until the fall of 2018, for six women to decide to form their own team, which would become the first women’s elite ice canoe team in Montreal. Their goal: to be at the level to race in the Quebec Ice Canoe Circuit.