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Fire and Biodiversity Workshop

Next event Saturday 5 Jun from 9:30am to 12pm

By Margaret River HEART

This is an informal workshop session with a series of short presentations and collegial group interactions. Ideas and questions are welcomed; working together in small groups to brainstorm possibilities, apply problem solving strategies and share ideas.

  • Registration: 9am
  • Start: 9:30am
  • Finish: 12noon
  • Morning tea provided
  • Please BRING water bottle and name tag – sustainable solutions
  • COST: $20



Carole Peters PhD

  • Facilitator (see Forum Program for background details).


Melissa Howe BSc Environmental Management

  • Ecologist based in Denmark WA.
  • Experience in bushland management, bushland regeneration and flora surveys.
  • Working for Denmark Environment Centre (DEC) researching fire-sensitive flora species and ecosystems. Her workshop presentation will explore fire-sensitive specie and ecosystems and response to fire, ecological considerations prior to burning, and conservation monitoring pre and post fire for community members.


Tony Pedro – Forest Protection and Conservation

  • Farmer, volunteer firefighter and environmental activist, South West WA Forests.
  • Experience: Sixty years farming and firefighting adjacent to several south west forest types, observing the effectiveness of the current bush fire protection system, primarily based on hazard reduction burning.
  • Conservation and protection of aged forests: Video presentation on the Tingle Forest, a prototype of a new age firefighting machine (Frontline Fire Fighter) and the potential for rapid detection and immediate at source suppression.


Sandra Boulter LLB – Role of Local Government Councils in fire management

  • Deputy Chair and Secretary of the Local Government Elected Members’ Association (LGEMA) Inc.
  • Former nurse and midwife, and legal practitioner specialising in administrative law. UWA Law School planning law prize.
  • Former Local Government Sustainable Planning and Development Director, and Councillor.
  • Law publications relating to coastal planning and burning authorisation.
  • Presenter at Kimberley fire forums.


Philip Zylstra PhD – Bushfire Behaviour Modelling

  • Adjunct Assoc Prof Curtin Uni (modelling the connections between ecosystems and disturbance by fire); Research Fellow, Uni of Wollongong (Fire & Fauna modelling)
  • Q&A session (see Forum Program for background details).


Full Program: Fire and Biodiversity Forum Program

Full Timetable: Fire and Biodiversity Forum Timetable

Forum Flyer: Fire and Biodiversity Forum Flyer


For more information contact: [email protected]