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Eight: The Shift

Next event Friday 18 Sep from 10am to 4pm

By Margaret River HEART

Follow the link below to go to the Margaret River HEART’s Sales Page, where you can view and purchase works from Christopher Young’s Eight: The Shift exhibition:


Artist Statement

Despite it being inevitable, death is not something we freely discuss. It is often seen as a taboo subject, especially intergenerationally. The passing of a loved one can be further complicated by the foreignness of the surrounding experiences.

‘Eight’ looks at end-of-life cultural experiences; how people respond to such experiences; and the environments and institutions they encounter. These experiences are universal, and this work has the capacity to extend dialogue, both within the arts as well as in connection to larger social issues.

Utilising spaces such as hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, funeral homes and churches, it looks at the paradox of highly-charged, emotive events in seemingly sterile and controlled spaces.

‘Eight’ stems from visits to funeral homes when my father was ill. The first was a macabre behind-the-scenes tour and later for his funeral.

The sterility of these places should be calming and reassuring but I found the ‘otherness’ difficult to overlook.

“My relationship with my father was distant and often dysfunctional. Our collective apathy left us with limited shared adult experiences as well as an inability to communicate. Despite his diagnosis and the associated ‘deadline’, we never found the language to sit down to discuss his looming death.”


Artist Biography

I was born in small-town New Zealand in the mid-seventies. I grew up feeling very much out of place and desperate to see the outside world. I was frustrated by circumstance, anxiety and a lack of opportunity, struggling to fit into my immediate surrounds.

Isolation is a recurring theme in my life and work – the remoteness of growing up in semi-rural New Zealand, the loneliness of living in Germany as a poor German speaker and lately the geographic and ideological seclusion of life in Australia, have all coloured my artistic practice.

I moved to Western Australia in 2002, now living and working in Margaret River.

More of my work can be viewed at

"It is beautiful in a disturbing way, the sharpness is merciless and the absence palpable."