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Dreaming Stories by Tamara Jarrahmarri

Next event Monday 4 Jul from 10am to 4pm

By Margaret River HEART

My sincerest thanksgiving and acknowledgement to the Wadandi peoples and the “demala goomala” past, present and future ancestors of Wadandi Boodja (Country) .


Meditational and spiritual in nature, ‘’the spirit of what is created’’ is my inspiration. A conscious collection and reflection of dreaming stories, of connection to Country, Ancestors, Spirit and the Stars.


Having family history in the Southwest and blood ties to Nyul Nyul and Bardi ancestor country, in the Kimberley’s, Northwest Australia. Having been born and bred in two vastly different cultures, my life has always been an effort to align two very different worlds, two cultures, two ways of thinking feeling and being. My art is a tool to weave ancestral memories and dreaming stories into images. Resulting in a modern day look book of dreaming stories, unleashed from a space of no time.

My creative urge and passion for painting begins without any “public frame of mind’’ which serves a more reflective and meaningful process.

Expressing feelings creatively through art is a way for me personally to return to culture by allowing my heart and spirit to return to its natural state of dreaming.  The spirit can go walkabout, to follow its feeling and eventually track itself back to the now. Mirrored back are visions and dreaming stories that are not contained by time or any so called agenda, just a spirit on a journey picture stories to tell.

This special collection created for exhibiting at the Margaret River HEART displays the journey of ‘’Connection to Country’’ and “Connection to Sky Country” together. It is with pleasure, I present a series of paintings called the “Dreaming Stories’” Collection.

I invite you to provide feedback in the guest book supplied and sincerely hope you enjoy these pieces in respect to the presence of country, family lineage, and ancestors in all that we do. With the greatest of respect to the ancestors of country, and its ancestral lineage to the stars across the entirety of Gondwanna land.


Tamara will be conducting a series of artist talks throughout her exhibition. Walk and talk with the artist, as she takes you on a storytelling journey through her Connection to Country.

  • Thursday 14 July, 1pm (For kids)
  • Thursday 21 July, 1pm (For all ages)
  • Thursday 28 July, 1pm (For all ages)

There are three Artist Talk opportunities – one for children and two more for people of all ages – to join aboriginal artist Tamara Jarrahmarri in July for her new art exhibition, “Dreaming Stories” at the Margaret River HEART.

As an artist, an aboriginal person and a public speaker, Tamara shares her cultural insights around: What is Dreaming? What is The Dreaming? What is a Dreaming Story?

An awe inspiring and inviting shared conversation space by Artist Tamara Jarrahmarri about her own personal bugari (dreaming stories) reflected in her latest art. Sharing what is sentient by nature and beyond the confines of so called time and space and how it is, each art piece is both meaningful and reflective.

You can look forward to a culturally informative talk space that invites open dialogue, questions, thoughts and views from audience members to the artist regarding her exhibition Dreaming Stories.

This is your invite to join , to dream in, this shared dreaming story moment, together.

This is a free event.