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Dads – Presented by Dance Makers Collective

Next event 2 Sep

By Arts Margaret River

Dance Makers Collective have discovered a secret underworld of Dad dancing, and to create their new show they’ve called in the experts, their Dads!

Interviewing and dancing with their Dads revealed secret headphone and tambourine routines, African Dance lovers, 1960’s garage party dancing and so much more.

‘Dad dancing’ is much derided but ask a dancer’s father, “when is it ok to dance?” or “why bother dancing?” and the answers are not what you’d expect.

Enter a world of secret solo dance practice, gender bending, philosophising and joyful experimentation. As contemporary dancers take their artform for a walk back through their family history, they investigate the cultural relevance of dance and its timeless ability to nurture collective experience.

"There’s a surfeit of inventive and jaw-dropping moments throughout the work and, to the ensemble’s considerable credit, they each flow seamlessly into one another and operate beyond the level of pure choreography. Lighting, sound, narrative and theme are employed with as much sophistication as any of the dancers’ physical vocabularies."

Matt O'Neill, Australian Stage