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1927 takes power of pop to HEART

It might be a difficult transition for 1927 frontman Erik Weideman to make when the legendary Australian rockers front local audiences at the Margaret River HEART tonight.

While the band have been a mainstay on the Australian touring circuit for years, it was their performances in Afghanistan  supporting Australian troops which brought home to the industry veteran the power of his ban’s back catalogue and status in the country’s popular culture.

Weideman, pictured, who has been living in the Perth Hills for 15 years after struggling to handle the pressures of fame, felt a new power in belting out hit songs Compulsory Hero and That’s When I Think Of You to soldiers who could well have been the subject of the lyrics.

Weideman told the gathering in an aircraft hanger in the city of Tarin Kwot the latter track was written from the perspective of a soldier while huddled in the trenches in World War I and dreaming of rejoining their loved ones back home.

Compulsory Hero talks about a father’s experience in the Vietnam War. Both songs hail from 1927’s six-time platinum and ARIA chart-topping album . . . Ish, which was released in 1988.

Weideman said Compulsory Hero lyrics such as, “It’s war without a choice . . . just try and make it home”, came to him with heightened intensity.

“It really was quite a powerful experience,” he said. “It was the only gig we’ve ever done where everyone was packing a side-arm and a machine gun.”

Tonight’s show at the HEART starts at 7.30pm. Visit for late tickets.